Early Progressive Rock

Scampolo: Under the Rainbow

Moiras 009 LP - Limited to 330 copies

It's a twist of fate that it took the first rock'n'roll band that reached star status in Hungary 48 years to release their first album. At the beginning of the 1960s the band was the most popular among the few Hungarian rock'n'roll groups, their shows' atmosphere was often quite heated. The band existed until the early 80s except some short pauses and with a few changes in the lineup. The first Scampolo album represents the period between 1968 and 1970 when they left their rock'n'roll roots behind and played a repertoire that was unique in Hungary. It consisted partly of British and American progressive rock and soul hits, partly of their own compositions. These we collected from studio, rehearsal and concert recordings.

Scampolo - Save Me

Scampolo - Indian Rope Man

Scampolo - Átmentem a szivárvány alatt
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