Folk Rock


Moiras 010 LP - Limited to 330 copies

In the first half of 1970s there was a folk group in the heart of Transylvania, called Búgócsiga (Humming Top). The compositions of its leader, Deák Endre united the influences of folk rock, urban folk and renessaince music at a very high level. They made several recordings in the Marosvásárhely radio. These recordings were aired many times even after the band's breakup, however they remained totally unheard of beyond the radio's broadcasting limits. Just as a pearl lays in its shell all their known recordings are contained by this album.

Búgócsiga - Mit tennél

Búgócsiga - Hej ladilom

Búgócsiga - Amerre az én vágyam száll

Józsa Erika - Horváth Károly: Kettőspont

Moiras 002 LP - Limited to 330 copies
Moiras 002 CD - Limited to 200 copies

The legendary folk duet of Erika Józsa and Károly Horváth were the voice of a generation, pioneers of a musical movement born in Transylvania in the early 1970s. They became the best known and most loved folk singers, touring extensively throughout Romania and Hungary. Erika and Károly formed their duet in 1970 in Nagyvárad, a town of rich cultural traditions and strong Hungarian heritage. Kettőspont (Colon) was their first LP, released in 1978. Later they formed a band, performing and recording under the name of Táltos. Despite of the high demand, only a few thousand copies were ever pressed, due to Communist political restrictions, making the LP an instant rarity. Under Europe's most oppressive communist regime, the creation of this record was quite adventurous. The end result, though, is an album that stands the test of time. Kettőspont represents not only the highest quality folk music of the once-flourishing ethnic Hungarian pop scene in Romania, but without any doubt, also a valuable part of Hungarian folk music in general.

Kettőspont - Mezítlábas leánykérő

Kettőspont - Csendben ülök mint a dombok

Kettőspont - Amerre az én vágyam száll
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