Garage beat

Liversing: 1967 - Magnetic Depths and Electric Heights

Moiras 004 LP - Limited to 330 copies

The legendary Hungarian rhythm and blues band had an exceptionally shining second period during 1967-68. Their repertoire evolved into sharp, psychedelic garage music. They ruled the Hungarian live beat scene with both their own compositions and arrangements. Few, but yet enough sounding documents were preserved to prove that their skills, musical performance and stage work were at the finest word class level. Here comes the hardest and craziest Hungarian beat record ever, compiled from various live recordings made partly by the band and partly by one of their fans, and even featuring a State Radio studio recording long forgotten and deleted by its one-time owner.

Liversing - She is not there

Liversing - Meglátlak

Liversing - Inside Looking Out

Liversing: 1965 - Rhythm and Blues Madhouse in Hungary

Moiras 003 LP - Limited to 330 copies

Here comes the incredible story and the incredible sound recording of a band that managed to handle most parts of this endevour fuelled by the truest amateur enthusiasm, and with the highest proficiency in Communist Hungary. In 1965-66 Liversing was regarded as one of the very best garage beat groups in Budapest, having a unique and unified sound, sometimes even outshining their foreign idols. Their perfectionism and extatic performance made Liversing an outstanding act. The tracks of Liversing 1965 - Rhythm and Blues Madhouse in Hungary were recorded live in the Danuvia Művelődési Ház, one of their permanent clubs in Budapest, during Autumn - Winter 1965.

Liversing - Walking The Dog

Liversing - Kegyetlen tenger

Liversing - Carol
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