Hard Rock

Metropol: Permanent Standby

KAR CD 015

50th anniversary release of Metropol Group, the legendary Romanian hard rock band, founded in 1968. Hungarian language live album with recordings made in 2008-2018, from Timisoara, Oradea, Tg. Mures and Budapest.

Metropol - Égig érhetne az ének

Metropol - A holnap jövőt ígér

Metropol - Három fiú

Metropol The Black Box LP

Moiras 012 LP

Coming from Nagyvárad (Oradea) in Romania, hard rock band Metropol had to face the very hard conditions of the 70s-80s’ Communist Romania. Due to their hard work, exceptional management skills and plenty of luck they became one of the leading rock acts in Romania in the late 70s. Metropol released four LPs between 1978 and 1986 and had annual country-wide tours. As a native Hungarian band, they sang in their own language, but sometimes translations were performed in ethnic Romanian cities. Due to Communist censorship, only their debut LP „Égig érhetne az ének” (The Song Could Reach The Sky) could be recorded in Hungarian. All subsequent albums had to have only Romanian versions. We now proudly present their second Hungarian vinyl album, a kind of attempt at the reconstruction of the LP that was originally due to be released back in the late 70s. The tracks were saved in the band’s archives, taken from various sources between 1974-1994. Perhaps The Black Box is the most obscure Hungarian hard rock album of all times.

Metropol - Egyszerű dal

Metropol - Segítség

Metropol - Jolly rocker

Metropol: Égig érhetne az ének

Moiras 001 LP - Limited to 330 copies

Perhaps the most unusual hard rock production of all times by Hungarian artists. Metropol was a band in Nagyvárad (Oradea). The town, located in the Westernmost part of Romania, had a significant Hungarian minority population, where this band also originated from. Exceptional managment skills, hard work and plenty of luck helped them conquer the Romanian Communist pressure against rock products during the 70s-80s. Égig érhetne az ének (The Song Could Reach The Sky) is their debut LP from 1978, and remained the only one sung in Hungarian. It reached only the ethnic Hungarian minority living in Romania, though. It was never distributed in Hungary ... The LP is considered the very best Metropol material ever by many reviewers, although there were three more LPs released between 1979 and 1986. An album influenced by many artists, but melted into one characteristic, unique Metropol sound.

Metropol - Szükségem volna

Metropol - Otthon

Metropol - Játszottunk
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