Gabor Szabo: In Budapest Again

KAR CD 014

Collection of unreleased Hungarian recordings of Gabor Szabo from 1978-81. Tracks from concert in Hotel Hilton, Budapest, in collaboration with Hungarian artists like Kati Bontovics, Gyula Babos, János Másik and István Lerch and his last recording titled From a Dream, made in the studio of Hungarian TV – all first time released now.

Gabor Szabo - From A Dream

Gabor Szabo - Magic Mystic Faces

Gabor Szabo - The Last Song

Kéknyúl: Nahát Babám CD

Kept Alive Records - KARCD 001
Moiras 002 CD - Limited to 200 copies

The Blue Rabbit Band was formed in Budapest, 2007 from graduates of the Liszt Ferenc Music Unversity. So far they made gigs in Hungary, receiving great feedbacks for their own repertoire, consisting of Hammond organ-driven jazz compositions. Nahát Babám (You Can't Get Any Closer Than That) is their debut CD, recorded live in 2010. Thoughts on the band from Brandom Mezzelo:
These guys are truly in a league of their own, playing a soulful version of funk and jazz that anyone with a heartbeat and a foot to tap can relate to. A very dynamic and powerful front line of horns leads the charge in this very unique and driving group, with none other than the B-3 organ, played by virtuoso organist and composer Premecz Mátyás holding down the groove and pounding out the bass lines. It is no mystery to most that Budapest is home to some of the finest and most skilled craftsmen of jazz in all of the Europe, this group uses the skills of some of those very talented and creative styles to its advantage. It is quite rare (if possible at all) to find a group like this anywhere in Hungary, their musical stylings show some great influences from such American masters and bands like Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Scofield, and The Charlie Hunter trio. this is a great band that takes no prisoners when it comes to throwing down some fresh and original European soul flavor on classic American funk grooves.

Kéknyúl - Vili

Kéknyúl - Ronnie's Bonnie

Kéknyúl - Gospell

Gabor Szabo: In Budapest

Moiras 007 LP - Limited to 660 copies
Moiras 007 CD - Limited to 500 copies

The Hungarian-born jazz guitar legend was at the peak of his career in 1974, when he first visited his abandoned homeland after 18 years of absence. He was invited by the Hungarian Television to record a few tracks with session musicians of his choice. The project came to life in September 1974, when six artists gathered in a studio of the Hungarian Radio and gave an hour-long, live concert. The program was compiled mostly of material from Szabo’s albums published in the West, as well, as arrangements of Hungarian and international pop hits. The sessions’ television broadcast was quite a success that in fact officially introduced this great artist to his homeland’s audience. The recordings have remained unreleased to this day. Gatefold sleeve and insert with notes.

Gabor Szabo - Thirteen

Gabor Szabo - My love

Gabor Szabo - Magical connection
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