Progressive Rock

Solaris: Nostradamus Live

KAR LP 013 - Limited to 300 copies

Vinil LP version of the live recording of Nostradamus concept album. Recorded in 2004, Mexico with the progressive rock legends at their best. The LP includes an exclusive bonus track, recorded in 2018, titled Wargames - Extended Studio Version.

Solaris - Book of Prophecies - Moment of Truth I

Solaris - Wargames - Extended Studio Version

Solaris - The Lion's Empire

Solaris: Live Chronicles LP

Kept Alive Records KAR LP 003

Anthology of 1980-2006 live recordings of the epic Hungarian progressive rock band, including moments of their debut gig in 1980 and the 1986 farewell gig of the 1980s, also Mexican and US live tracks from the 1990-2000s. The first vinyl release of the band in 23 years.

Solaris - Undefeatable (live)

Solaris - The return of the viking (live)

Solaris - Live in Rio

Solaris: Martian Chronicles II LP

KAR LP 004

Vinil LP version of the last Solaris studio album from 2014. The progressive rock legends at their best. Two exclusive bonus tracks. Release date: 15 February 2017.

Solaris - Martian II Lonely universe

Solaris - Martian II Impossible

Solaris - Martian II part 2
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