Psychedelic Beat

Kex: Csillagok, ne ragyogjatok CD

Moiras 005 CD / GR020

CD version of Moiras Records' Let's Cake vinyl LP with 1970-71 psych-beat from Hungary. Slightly alterred front cover, notes in Hungarian. Released in cooperation with Grund Records.

KEX - Tisztaszívvel

KEX - Elszállt egy hajó a szélben

KEX - Csillagok ne ragyogjatok

Omega: Ten Thousand Paces

CALP010 - Limited to 550 copies

A 50-year-old rock band. It may sound strange but it's true nevertheless. In Hungary only Omega have reached this stage and completed a career that broke records in the history of Hungarian rock'n'roll and they did so with the same members for the past 40 years. The band's early classic period between 1968 and 1970 is marked with compositions that verge on beat and early progressive rock. This compilation available only on vinyl grabs the forgotten tracks of this era, including rare English versions, unreleased demo recordings and even a bonus track on a theme unusual for late 60s beat.

Omega - Vigyázz vigyázz rám

Omega - Ten thousand paeces

Omega - Gyöngyhajú lány

KEX: Let's Cake

Moiras 005 LP - Limited to 330 copies

An interesting beat production coming from a surprising place, namely Hungary in the late 60s. Although their style focused on beat music, which we also showcase on this record, the group was much more than that, thanks to their front man, Baksa-Soós János. Their stage performance incorporated theatrical elements, some Eastern European humor, even old-fashioned hit songs. The KEX shows were always more than just concerts. Their repertoire also ranged from the settings of classical poems, through surreal songs, to sensitive, lyrical songs, all of them crowned with high-profile, psychedelic beat. After their split-up, KEX became one of the very few real Hungarian beat legends, and influenced many rock musicians.

KEX - Tisztaszívvel

KEX - Elszállt egy hajó a szélben

KEX - Csillagok ne ragyogjatok

Hungaria: It Would Be Cool if It Was Cool

Moiras 008 LP - Limited to 330 copies

An exciting career on the Hungarian rock scene, spanning several decades, marked by outstanding successes, forgotten masterpieces as well as inactive periods. The band's key figure, Fenyő Miklós has been the Nr.1 advocate of Hungarian rock'n'roll for decades. The band's first phase ended in 1971 and bore two albums. In 1974 they became noted for their Beatles revival programme. But their inbetween period was rather loud too. They played rock and mostly in Budapest clubs. Hungaria songs of this era were just as carefully composed and well put together as ever. We have collected almost forgotten studio recordings and absolutely unknown rehearsal material, and live shows, so that what's good would really be good...

Hungária - Jó lenne ha jó lenne

Hungária - Hosszú hajú Éva

Hungária - Állj kicsi hugom

Illés - Good bye, London

KAR LP 011 - Limited to 300 copies

Unreleased 1970 LP of the legendary Hungarian beat/psych band. The project was banned by the Communist authorities. Its tracks were released here and there during the years, but the album as a whole remained unreleased. Its unique story is revealed in the liner notes included.

Illés - Approximáció

Illés - Júliára várunk

Illés - Good Bye, London

Various Artists: Kívánj szép álmokat (Wish Me Nice Dreams) – a soundtrack album of Szép lányok, ne sírjatok (Don’t Cry, Pretty Girls) movie

KAR LP 017 - Limited to 300 copies

Kívánj szép álmokat (Wish Me Nice Dreams) – a soundtrack album of Szép lányok, ne sírjatok (Don’t Cry, Pretty Girls) movie. Premiered in 1970, the music of the movie featured many of the beat/psych groups being popular in early 70s Hungary. Our LP release is the first album to present this soundtrack, collecting most of the film’s tracks from Illés, Metro, Syrius, Kex, Tolcsvay and female singer Zalatnay Sarolta. The LP includes two unreleased version tracks from Tolcsvay.

Szép lányok - Illés együttes - Júliára várunk

Szép lányok - Kex együttes - Csillagok ne ragyogjatok

Szép lányok - Metro együttes - Ha Júliát kérdeznék meg...
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