Rhythm and Blues

Radics Béla: Dat-Ol’-Boogie-Man-from-Angel-Land

LP 002 – Limited to 330 copies

A Hungarian legend in Hungarian style. A rock guitarist who had been on stage with various bands for about 20 years since the beginning of the 60s, worshipped by the audience before figuratively speaking “setting himself on fire” at the age of 36. Beside his unique Cream, Hendrix and other rock’n’roll interpretations, he was also noted for his own songs. In Communist Hungary however this talented musician even though emerging from the working class was unable to release an album. He became a legend after his death. Here comes a collection of Béla playing boogie and rock on the stage and in the studio to prove he deserves his legendary title. Gatefold sleeve with notes.

Radics Béla - Guitar Boogie

Radics Béla - Johnny B. Goode

Radics Béla - Napfényes napok
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