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Boka and the Klikk: Shake it Baby

Here comes the debut album of Boka and the Klikk titled 'Shake it Baby', released in 2012, with eleven tracks. 'Boka' the boss, alias Zsolt Bokányi is already well-known amongst Hungarian rock 'n' roll fans and musicians since he pleased his audience with his former band Yellow Taxi for many years in Hungary and abroad as well. The line-up for the Klikk is: 'Boka' – vocals, Péter Csorba – drums, István László Tóth – guitar, Mihály Menyhárt – bass and guest musicians: János Horváth – piano, Balázs Rechner – harmonica and Gabriella Tóth – vocals. The band invites you for a time journey to the 50s, as they do their best to play rock and roll in an authentic way.

Boka és a Klikk: Ne hidd azt...

Boka és a Klikk: Őrült Jampi

Boka és a Klikk: Rázd meg baby!
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